How You Can

Help Reunite Families

Help Canada join the list of other countries, like Denmark and Switzerland, that allow specific and measured reunification of family.

Help Reunify Families To-Do List

  1. Boost Our Voice
  2. Write Officials
  3. Share Stories
  4. Support Each Other

Boost Our Voice

Help support the community online by liking or sharing things that resonate with you from our online communities.

If you can, please follow us on all three of our social media platforms. The more followers we have, the stronger we can make our collective voices heard to be decision-makers!

Write Officials

Help Canada join the list of other countries that help their citizens safely reunite their family to be together during these difficult times.

Each week, on Reunification Thursday, we have letter templates that you can send to your Members of Parliament and relevant Ministers in the Government! Please join our Official Private Facebook group for more you can do!

Share Stories

Privately send your story, picture, and what country your foreign national family member is in to our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts and we will feature it on our Faces of Advocacy campaign!

Support Supporters

On our social media and Reunification Thursday letters, we show you the emails and accounts of people who have supported us throughout the campaign. Please show them your appreciation by liking their posts, retweeting, sharing their messages, and emailing them our thanks!

Multiply your Efforts

Boost the help you’ve given and our collective voice – multiply all of our efforts by sharing this site with friends, family, and the community.