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    Hi. I am a US citizen and my boyfriend is a temporary resident in Canada as he is a foreign worker. We’ve been together since 2018 and I had applied back in October thinking we qualified for the extended family member rule and didn’t even get a reply from anyone from IRCC to at least give me a heads up to tell me temporary residents don’t qualify at the current moment. Haven’t seen him since March and have had several panic attacks due to the uncertainty of all of this. Where are we in terms of including temporary residents as I know from what you’ve said, it is not an easy feat. Thanks


    I have been in Dating relationship for more than a year and have spent time in the physical presence of that person. My Boyfriend has lived in Canada since Dec 2016.

    He is on a work permit and currently in the process to get PR. His PR file has been Approved and He is waiting for the final step to have a PR Card in hand.

    I am an American Citizen who lives in Charleston Sc. We have been waiting to see each other since March 2020. Every 21st of month I feel like we would be able to see each other and the border will be open for us. But that is not happening since then. It is going to be more than a year waiting for this to happen. We are in real pain because of this situation. We both feel really alone and feel like our lives have stopped. we are suffering emotionally and mentally.

    Since 2016 I been seeing him every year. in 2020 we were planning to live together but with this border closer things are not moving at all in our relationship. we are trying really hard to be as unite as possible till the border open for us. but it feels like every day is a challenge to go by. now it is going to be more than a year since I saw him or touch him. Though we are not related by blood but the relationship we share is more than a blood relation I feel. I really really want them to know how it feel when you suffering like this for more than a year. each day is even more difficult because the wait is getting longer and longer.

    we have ordered GCMS notes from Government of Canada to see his PR file. on those notes everything is under compliance and they said they approve his application to become PR but he did not receive PR card yet .

    My Question to you is can I file for IMM 0006 on basis of those notes that we received and make an argument to get travel authorization ? I am okay to obey those new Quarantine rules. All i want is to see him and be with him . I greatly appreciate your effort towards this issue.

    Thank You for Standing With Us! thank you for taking time to listen my story.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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