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    Can the Canadian government really stop Canadians to leave the country to visit loved ones? I’ve left the country once during this pandemic to visit my partner. I am now 2 weeks away from flying to the US once again to see her. What worries me the most is the constant news from the various news organizations saying that Canadians can’t come back to Canada if they travel.

    I don’t want to choose between my partner and my home.


    Anyone been successful with acquiring a conjugal visa sponsorship into Canada?

    some background, conjugal partners is a separate sponsorship category from common-law partners or married spouses. A conjugal partner is a person who is living outside Canada, in a conjugal relationship with a sponsor for at least one year, and could not live with the sponsor as a couple because of reasons beyond their control (e.g. immigration barrier, religious reasons or sexual orientation). Evidence would need to be provided regarding impediments to living together or getting married as well as evidence of a significant degree of attachment/mutual interdependence.


    Mother of 2

    6 and 4 year old

    My husband works in the USA and have done for 2 years due to not finding work here in Quebec.  It’s a choice between being together in financial difficulties and being apart but paying bills.

    This new law of 3 days quarantine is not something we can afford.  Already the covid testing cost of before entering the USA and coming back to Canada is around 11000$ plus flight tickets, this 3 day hotel rule and the cost of it makes it impossible for our family to reunite.

    It has been difficult for the kids, especially my boy not to see his father. But also on me to be alone all the time without any help or adult contact.

    We respect every rule of quarantine.

    Have a plan in place and can do it . But 2000$ + locking me and my kids in a room for 3 days ( plus the have food allergies, who knows what they could eat ) makes no sense to me when we have a home where we can do all this without any contact .

    Hopefully the will work.  I would be on the next flight out to reunite.

    This week of school was our week to reunite, then another 2 weeks of missing out on school so I hope the news come fast as I don’t want them to loose out 1 month of school either


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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