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    Please be kind to one another. So many of us are suffering.




    Well, I think “they” have finally broke me and  I am one of the lucky ones who was granted an exemption and have managed to see my partner twice through covid.  But the daily threats of tightening boarders and adding quarantine hotels was topped off today with news that my partner who lives in the UK is now unable to leave the country. Waiting for the shoe to drop here. He’s 63 and I am 57, how long can I expect him to wait to see me again. When your 25 although hard you have the majority of your life ahead. When your my age the majority of your life is behind and we should be living life to the fullest. Covid has robbed so much but the lack of logic within government, scapegoating travel and lack of empathy to binational partners has created a sense of hopelessness. I am usually an optimistic person but as more countries move to the Australia/ New Zealand model which is lock them in and out for almost a year with no end in site I am loosing my resilience to bounce back from this.


    Tonight was the breaking point for me. I have been so excited about my trip to see my partner next week when my own sister started sending me texts on how I’m going to get stuck outside Canada because I’m too stubborn to go. That she hopes I don’t get stuck outside Canada and get sick. And on top of that, she’s using the Quarantine Hotel against me and how it’s so expensive and she asked how I’m going to pay for it. People who are not in our positions don’t understand how it’s like not to have their partners with them. And I’m considered to be the bad guy for wanting to go see my partner. How did Canada become such an unwelcoming country for its citizens?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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