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    Hi Everyone,

    I crossed the land border in Stanstead, Quebec by personal vehicle late November 2020 and preparing for my trip back to the States within a week or so. My experience with border patrol was thorough, but pleasant. I didn’t have to get out of my car and honestly felt like i was overprepared, but in a way the agent appreciated the time and thought put into preparing this reunification journey.

    Obviously i’m hesitant to return because  the concern now is that any future land travel may ultimately require hotel quarantine if allowed at all?  It’s a bit confusing whether or not my status as an extended family member (via  committed relationship for more than 3 years with my Canadian partner) will be possible without hotel stay.  It’s a lot to ask of someone who has successfully and respectfully followed all previous federal and provencial protocols and alienates those who do not have disposable income. Additionally, traveling in one’s personal vehicle minimizes risk all together.  Packing food/drinks for the ride, making one stop to cautiously get gas and use public restroom, i virtually had no interaction with anyone except the border agent who took my passport and supporting documents.

    I came prepared to the border with a very detailed binder, quarantine plan inside my partner’s home, car full of cleaning products and PPE, checked in with ArriveCAN app each morning for 14 days. Prior to travel, I decided to get PCR testing done for an extra layer of personal comfort.

    My partner, his son and I have not been ill, we diligently follow public health safety recommendations, limit time in public to only grocery shopping, however my partner and his son continued to work and go to school while I was in quarantine. All done without any illness, issue, or any additional feelings of personal sacrifice.

    The system works if everyone just does what they’re supposed to do. Quebec has implemented an 8pm-5am province-wide curfew that hasn’t required any significant change on my part. There’s literally nothing else to do but spend time with my family and this has been my focus since day 1. I’m not trying to make any huge changes – I respect the processes, but I don’t see the purpose to change a system that is clearly working if people are honestly following it. Whether that means more check-ins during self-quarantine, so be it.

    We’ve all suffered immensely the last year and dropping $2,000 each time I want to visit adds unnecessary insult to injury.


    Hello to all unmarried couples that really love each other and have been committed by phone/video calling ever since seeing each other last:


    Me and my girlfriend from Indonesia have not seen each other in person for over a year now. Just to tell everyone out there a little bit about us, she is currently working as a teacher in Indonesia and I am working in the field of alarm response in the province of Ontario. We did everything possible to reunite in Canada including hiring a professional to process a visitors visa with all the required documents and the current implementation treats the process the same way as any tourist coming for a causal sunny destination vacation. From the time I returned to Canada we have spoken every single day ever since seeing each other. It appears that the only way for us to reunite in Canada and get married here is for the visitors visa to get approved. We have made plans to soon get married in a different country as a last resort, in my mind due to the pandemic it is almost a sense that the current restrictions and limited exceptions in place not excluding unmarried couples from the mandate is definitely encouraging lost committed love to take any heightened imaginable risk in order to be together again and will enhance the spread of Covid-19 due to fact that couples will have to potentially fly to a different country or take a similar risky approach to be together again unless the loved one from another country has a list of former travel destinations, strong ties to their home country, and income to meet the current strict visitor visa requirements, which where as if the restrictions made an exemption for committed unmarried couples, the possibility of flying to any high risk country to get married or reunite in that aspect would be eliminated indefinitely due to having the option of flying to Canada being the only one destination. In conclusion I am calling on the Canadian Government to include in the spousal sponsorship or a similar application an official recognition to recognize committed unmarried couples and to ensure that unmarried couples are able to spend a 100 % of the quarantine together in Canada following the current 14 day isolation mandate in place.


    Daniel Vandewater


    Hi, I’m planning to travel through Stanstead later this month to visit my girlfriend. How long did it take you to get your authorization from the IRCC? And did you have to take a covid test at the border? What was that process like? The government checklist says that I need to schedule a border crossing covid test in advance, but the link they have doesn’t take you anywhere that lets you actually do that.


    I received authorization in about two weeks, however this was back when hundreds were applying at the same time. If you have a notarized form, your relationship meets all the IRCC requirements and you provide necessary documents, they should approve quickly. You will need to fill out the ArriveCan form prior to your arrival, I believe this fulfills the initial requirements and the border agent will provide information about testing, whether it’s done at border or at home.  I highly recommend having a binder with all required documents and additional supporting documents for ease of providing information to the border agent upon request. They didn’t want to see my entire binder, I just had to show them a few select pieces.


    Thank you for this information, I really appreciate it. I received my IRCC authorization in less than 24 hours, which was really exciting. On the ArriveCAN app did you select that you were traveling for “Family Reunification” or “None of the Above”? Underneath the Family Reunification option it says “immediate family member,” whereas I am making this journey to visit extended family. Might be a minor detail that doesn’t matter a ton, but I figured I’d ask.

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