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    Hi – so I guess I’m posting here to share my experience and vent my frustration and pain that this pandemic on my marriage.

    My name is Bri, I’m 30 and live in the United States (Michigan). My husband is 30 and lives in Canada (Alberta). We’ve been married since Dec 2018. I love him dearly, with my entire being. And god I f***ing miss him. We met in early 2016. We are a blended family. Between us, we have four children. Two, I brought from a previous relationship. One he brought from a previous relationship. And our youngest we had together.

    Pre COVID I flew to Canada every few months to reunite and visit family. He comes to the US less often because he can’t afford to take off work. Right before the border closed, he was in a good position to move to the US. Our plans came to a screeching halt because COVID hit hard the following month.

    The last time he and I, and our youngest daughter, saw each other in person was early Sept 2020. I’d be there now if it weren’t for this terrible hotel quarantine rule which is impacting so many families. The hotel cost is just too high for us at this time. And besides that, the 72 hour pre COVID test results are impossible to get in time.

    Many nights, I cry myself to sleep because I’m so uncertain of anything anymore. I don’t know when I will see him again. Unsure when our daughter will see her Daddy again. I miss him and I miss his entire family. Sure, we can FaceTime (we do, practically everyday), but it’s honestly not enough. Anyone in a LDR can understand. It hurts tremendously knowing how much he’s missing out on with our daughter and our other children. He has already missed many important milestones with her, and now it’s worsened/prolonged by Canada’s hotel quarantine costs/precovid test rules. It’s the only thing separating us, at this point.

    I’m angry, I’m depressed. I don’t know what to do. I try my best to remain optimistic but every day it wears me down more. I hope that this restriction changes, and the sooner the better.

    I’m sorry for this being so long. I really needed to get this stuff off my chest and hopefully hear from others in the same position.

    Last thing I want to add: Family is absolutely essential, I wish more people in high places could see that. I want them to know the heartache, the burden, the stress, the emotional/mental/physical toll these rules are causing my family, and so many like mine. I sympathize, deeply, for everyone in a similar circumstance.

    If you read this far, thank you so much.

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